What is Blender Used For

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we are going see some examples of Blender being used in production pipelines for game development, VFX for Film productions animation and more. 1_Game Development when it comes to game development Blender is heavily used for indie game development studios, first of all because it is free which is great for a small budget, also it is open source which allow studios to create new tools if needed and of course it is a complete 3D package that can everything smoothly. 2_Visual effects in film in visual visual effects and film blender is used by a lot freelance artists and independent artists that do gigs for Vfx studios. For now there are few Vfx studios using blender as one of the main tools in their pipeline which is a nice progress that took place in recent years. 3_Animation a lot of freelance animators use blender to do thier work also small studios and indie developers use blender for animation. 4_VR and AR when it comes to Virtual reality and augmented reality Blender has seen a good progress in recent progress which allowed some small studios to use it for their work. 5_ArchViz there are a lot of architectural visualization artists around the world using Blender for their freelance or contract work, also there are some small Archviz studios that use it to do work for their clients.
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